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Edgerton Super Millage Vehicle is a class at Edgerton High School that involves engineering a incredibly fuel efficient car. We have two teams this year that will be competing in three different events around Wisconsin.

A HUGE Thank You to our supporters!

A HUGE Thank You to our supporters!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Progress in Assembly and Office Work.

            Over the last few weeks we have been very busy here in the SMV lab.  We have been finishing up some of our major assembly projects and have moved on to the smaller details needed to get theses cars up and running. 
First off; as far as the office work goes: we have signed up for the two races that we are planning to attend.  We are now making preparations for our first race hosted by Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI.  This event will be on April 27-28th and will take place at the Wisconsin International Raceway.  The second race that we are signed up for will take place at Road America on May 14-15th.  In preparation for these events we are also researching hotel accommodations and transportation.  We have found that this part of the project will require much more money that we had first anticipated.  As such we are beginning to budget for these things and planning fundraisers to ensure that we have the funds available.  Any help financial help would be greatly appreciated.
            On to the exciting parts!  Our newest car is beginning to look like a road worthy vehicle.  The frame is completely finished and we have begun to add the essential details; such as, you know a fire wall, tires, a steering wheel, and a MOTOR!!!!!!!  We have almost finished attaching the nose-cone like body to the front and have installed our throttle cable. The car has really come together and now we have begun to time our drivers to work on their speedy exits.  There are only a few rivets to put in and we will be ready to install a seat.  We are awaiting a new sprocket for our rear tire and then we will be able to assemble the drive components and breaks and test drive our car.    
            A small group of guys have been hard at work on general maintenance of the old car.  We plan to run this vehicle at events as well and hopefully with some of the work that we have done we have improved the gas mileage of this vehicle.
            All in all; we have accomplished a lot in the last few weeks and we are excited to have moved on to the small details that will complete our project.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

thank you to every one who supported us

Thank you eveyone who came out and support us at our noodles & company fundraiser. We had a great night and we are looking forward to many more. we will let all of you of know when our next fundraiser will be and we hope to see you there.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

noodles and Co.

To every one who fallows us on blogspot or even to people who are just looking at our page. we are having a fundraiser on February 15th at noodles & company from 4pm -8 pm. Please come out and support us. and if you do go, you have to say you are there for our super mileage team. thank for helping all of us at Edgerton's super mileage team

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekly Report: Dec. 16th

Our egg cracking fundraiser went well, we made $112. We are plannning our next fundrasier today December 20th, 2011. We will will be selling Rootbeer floats and Hot chocolate.
    The things we have accomplished are the frame on both teams, the on the steering is done. The body for Team A is starting to build their molds for the pexi glass and Team bearclaw is starting to put their body together.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What the Edgerton smv accomplished this week:
talked to school administration and got permission for the egg break fund raiser
plus research new fund raising ideas
close to completion on frame, just need to finish bracing
contacted dealers such as American industrial and gotten quotes on aluminum plate
the steering team combined with the body team worked together to build a "car oven" to bake on and form the plexi glass outside
the frame is fully completed
got a hold of an engine from a team member
started construction of steering mounts
started constructing the steering and mounting on the frame
used the program google sketchup to create 3 D body

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 11

This week A-team finished building their frame, the frame is now fully built and the body team has started putting the body together. The body also ordered some other material that they will need to complete the body design. We finished a prototype of the body in an attempt to make the car more aerodynamic to help achieve better fuel efficiency and reduce stress on the engine. Steering communicated with Trek about donations of wheels, tires, brakes and other things that they need.

This week team Bearclaw completed the sponsor binder for both teams and delivered it to a sponsor, hopefully we will get some more people interested in donating. The picture pages got done this week and now are in the binder, this will show everybody how hard everybody is working. Team Bearclaw’s frame has encountered a couple of issues along the way. But with some team determination and sincere effort they will most certainly pull through.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 10

Everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving, not coming to school, watching football and going deer hunting. Both teams frames are coming along good. Team Bearclaw is hoping to have their frame done this week.  Team Bearclaw got a motor donated to them.  A big thanks to Steve's 51 repair and Motor Parts both from Edgerton.  The A team has contacted Trek about getting tires and rims for their car.  They worked on the frame all week and is also hoping to be done this week.  Both teams have made a few mistakes, but have learned alot from their mistakes.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 9

In week 9 Both teams have successfully progressed on each of there frames.  The frames are actually starting to look like cars. A team's car is actually designed after last years car, they have just been putting a more Aerodynamic Spin into it.Team Bearclaws car frame has some of the same features as last years car but they are changing things up and making it a liitle different then before. Team Bearclaw Has been trying to fix there motor, so far they have been very unsuccessful in that mission. We have calculated Costs for our trips they will cost over $2,000 and that doesn't include all of our materials.  We have roughly $350.00 so were in the hole a bit.  So were going to have to persevere and find more sponsors to help us out with our situation.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Update

This week the aluminum for the frame came in, so both frame teams started cutting and practiced welding aluminum.  The body teams helped create a model of what the cars frame will look like out of PVC and also started the drawings for the body dimensions.  The engine teams looked at the pros and cons of different engines and helped create the PVC model.  The steering teams finalized there designs and started to find wheels to use.  This week was very productive, thanks to Maddie Reilly for getting the frame donated and delivered.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Very Productive Week in SMV

            This week was a very productive week.  This week we did A LOT of research. Our Drive team researched sprockets and clutches, they even decided on the materials they were going to use and how much they will cost.  The steering team also found materials they need and where they could get them.  They plan to go to the parts stores this weekend. 
            We also acquired some materials this week, we found another motor that we think will work for our vehicle and we have our best mechanics working to free it up and get it in good running order. 
            This week was especially productive because we are preparing to build.  Some of our welders got into the lab and started to practice their Tig welding skills.  They are ready whenever we can get our materials in and ready to go.   And both teams got their designs into Google Sketch-Up which allowed us to not only have a clear plan and blueprints, but also to find the numbers and measurements needed to order body and frame material.
            Over all both A-Team and Team Bear Claw were on the ball and really jumped into this project with full force.

Monday, October 17, 2011

weekly update

This week we made posters and floats for home comming and we also had repaired minor damages to the old SMV car.  such as breaks and cables to make sure our car can still run safely in the next competition.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Super Milage Progress

This last week in smv the teams bearclaw and team "a" have completed the disign stage and have begun to gather donations and resources.
Team Bearclaw finalized all disigns and calculated material need and costs to find out what they have and what they have. the started to call out for donations while the trasurer completed his work on the funds of the team. he calculated what the team has and what the team needs to complete the SMV and hopefully beat last years team. Their goal is to at least beat 200 mpg would be great. As for team "A" they finalized details calculated costed and began work on homecomming details. they have also finished the disign details and calculated costs and have began to decide who really is going to drive the car. as far as internal components they have a great idea of trying to encorporate a transmission and have all  body material calculated.they have also drawn a full scale model and have put into works a computer modle to display to possible sponcers. their steering team came to a decission on what type of steering system is to be used and have awesome preogress in their overall disign and hope to begin building soon.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 4

This week both design teams of the Edgerton SMV made measurable progress in drawing up ideas for the various aspects of each car. The A-Team has decided that they want to use aluminum for their choice of material for their frame and roll cage. Based off of the detailed drawing that was done to show the dimensions of the frame, the people focusing on the body, steering, and drive systems were able to more accurately adjust their designs and decide on what materials would best suit the vehicle. The drive group decided that a Honda GC160 would best meet our needs. The steering group chose to go with a steering design that follows the Ackerman steering geometry that will allow the two front wheels to turn at slightly different angles and increase the efficiency of the steering system. Team Bearclaw has taken care of all measurements and have a drive design. They also found some body materials and prices for them. They also found a free motor that they are thinking about using for their car.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 3

Both of our teams are working really hard to get our designs done. We have some varibles that need to be sorted out, but a lot of things are starting to come together. The design process is a tedious one, and something that team A and team Bearclaw are taking in steps. We hope to start actually building the car in October, but the actual start building date is not set in stone as of yet. The sooner the better. Once again a huge thank you to the sponsers of the Edgerton SMV team! Without you guys we couldn't be where we are today!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

second week in SMV

This week in Edgerton SMV we mainly talked about the t-shirts and designs of the cars. We also talked about the week’s agenda. The agenda this week was about how we can come up with ideas for the cars or even what we can do for the team. So far this week's agenda is on track. We started to get sponsors and finally coming up with simple design ideas. After some discussion this week, the team voted on the tach gauge for the t-shirts design. At the end of the week both teams got together and edited the sponsoring power point and the each one the members had to come up with question that a sponsor might ask.
That’s the end of week 2 in Edgerton SMV.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Edgerton SMV

The Edgerton Super Millage Vehical team is starting this year with two teams. Our combined goals are to improve the vehical from last year and also create two new vehicals for the SMV compitions. This week was a slow start picking the teams and dicussing mainly fundrasing ideas and t-shirt making as one large group. The two teams are Team Bear Claw which has team captian Max Y, treasurer Garrett W, recorder Nate Weese, Matt H, Maddie R, Wyatt V, Dakota S, Andy H,Tyler M, and Dylan C. The a-team is made of team captian Devon D, treasurer Adam Carlson, recorder Peter L, Adam Converse, Nate H, Mitchell W, Cody G,and Kyle D.Once the group broke apart into teams, planning for each vehical started. We also looked at the car from last year and took the pros and cons from it for ideas for the two new cars. Both teams have started planning and setting deadlines for their vehicals.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We are making sure progress. Our frame is about a quarter way done and is starting to take shape. The team tweaked a few things, and now welding our frame together is working smoothly.  Once again we owe a huge thank you to our sponsers! Without them this project wouldn't be possible. Our customized wood signs are still being made, and if you would like one please contact Joe Mink at 608-884-9402 ext 345.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Our team is making progress, but our frame construction is being hindered because we do not have a spool gun for our wire feed welder. Using a TIG welder is becoming more difficult because of how thin our aluminum is, so if anybody has a spool gun that we could use to weld our frame it would be extremly appreciated.
We are grateful for our Honda four stroke motor is in the works for us. Hopefully everything works out well. Can't wait to see it!
Also once again our team would like to thank all of our sponsers! Without you there would be no way that our project would be able to happen.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Edgerton SMV

Yesterday we started to work on cutting and getting the correct demensions for our car.  Piece by piece now we are starting to build the frame with the square aluminum material we ordered.  Our steering team has started to construct a smooth operating ackerman system.  We are still looking for a few more donations or sponsorships if anyone would like to help out contact Joe Mink.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


The Edgerton SMV team has been working hard on getting fundraiser money by creating wood signs with catchy sayings on them.  For example some of the signs say: Home Sweet Home, 801 Blaine St, Mink Family Est 2007, Gone Fishing.  Those were a few of the ones that people ordered.  You are still able to order custom signs if you would like, call (608) 884-9402 ext 246.  Ask for Joe Mink.  As a team we have started to get all our dimensions set and ready to order the parts.  We are still looking for helpful donations and sponsors.  If you are interested in being a sponsor again contact Joe Mink at  (608) 884-9402 ext 246.  If you have any helpful tips or ideas for making a smooth running car that gets hundreds of miles to the gallon please leave us a comment on what those ideas are.